The Power of Alberto Moravia's Secret Essay

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The Power of Alberto Moravia's Secret It is often considered a great feat when an author is successful in capturing the reader's attention through a character's personality. Alberto Moravia, the pseudonym of Alberto Pincherle, was one such author, since he was widely known for pulling his readers' attention and interest into his stories, ultimately captivating their entire being His lively way with words, his vivid descriptions, as well as his colorful imagination all contributed to his amazing writings. Moravia's story "The Secret" is no exception. In "The Secret," Moravia focuses on the psychology of the main character, Gino. He lets the reader into Gino's head with each and every paragraph. The character's behavior…show more content…
He agonizes endlessly over the events of that fateful day, wondering why he has fled the scene of an accident caused by his own reckless driving and leaving an innocent man dead. His life has taken a turn for the worse (no pun intended!): "I was no longer the Gino who had passed that car but another Gino who had killed a man and then had run away." To go further, "I lay awake nights over it. I grew gloomy and silent and after a while everybody shied away from me" (222). All the while, Gino wishes that he had stopped and helped the man he hit, but the harsh reality was that he had not, and "realized there was no pardon for what I had done-but if I could have told this secret of mine I would have thrown off part of its dead weight onto somebody else who would have helped me carry it" (222). He hopes to lighten the burden he carries everyday so that he will be able to get on with his life somehow. Gino has great difficulty, unfortunately, finding someone unto whom he can reveal his secret, until he has an uncontrollable urge to tell Iris, a girl he has dated on a few occasions: I don't know what got into me

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