Essay about The Power of Angels in America

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The Power of Angels in America "Such ethical possibility is, however, founded on and coextensive with the subject's movement toward what Foucault calls 'care of the self,' the often very fragile concern to provide the self with pleasure and nourishment in an environment that is perceived not particularly to offer them." -Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick "Demanding that life near AIDS is an inextricably other reality denies our ability to recreate a sustaining culture and social structures, even as we are daily required to devote such time to the details of the AIDS crisis." -Cindy Patton Tony Kushner's two-part play (or, if you will, two plays) Angels In America is one of most famous and most powerful plays…show more content…
Rogoff's "Angels in America, Devils in the Wings" is an article that's decidedly critical of the Broadway production of Tony Kushner's Angels in America: Millennium Approaches. He begins his critique with "as one who lives a life rather than a 'lifestyle,' I'm not sure what a gay play, let alone a gay fantasia might be" (21). As one who lives a life rather than a "lifestyle" myself, I find this opening to the essay to conjure linguistic maneuvers of the conservative right used to dismiss the grievances of gay men. While I may be going out on a limb in this analysis, most often the binary "life vs. lifestyle" is code for "heterosexual vs. homosexual"-in short, gays and lesbians don't live lives but rather we live lifestyles. Ours are mockeries of "real" lives, thus requiring the supplemental "-style." Rogoff is "not sure what a gay play...might be." In truth, this is no easy question, and there are no easy answers to it. Are the plays of Tennessee Williams, such as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and The Glass Menagerie gay plays, since the author was gay? Or do only his later works qualify as gay plays, as they focused specifically on gay material? Are any of the plays of William Shakespeare gay plays, for that matter? Or is this an appellation reserved for post-Stonewall, politically oriented gay plays? These could potentially be very
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