The Power of Rebuilding

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Warwood was still in shambles, and normal kingdom life had been suspended until essential repairs were completed. Since Xavier couldn’t physically lift and move things due to his injured hand, his father had assigned him to one of his most trusted friends, General Loren Hardcastle, who was organizing telekinetic citizens. Today, their task was to clear out rubble and assist masons and construction workers in rebuilding the gatehouse, which had been demolished during the initial onslaught of LeMasters’ invasion. Rebuilding of the gatehouse would be a simple task and Xavier was looking forward to doing something constructive, regardless of how tedious or boring it might become. Although his powers could be intense at times, he felt confident that he had a secure command over them and could summon them without difficulty. He didn’t like to brag, but there were few kids in the kingdom who could rival his empowerment level and strength. However, there was one power that still proved challenging for Xavier: that of impediment. He struggled to block telepathic advances, especially when faced with a strong, capable telepath. His confrontation with William LeMasters only punctuated this deficiency. Although he had made gains in impediment and could, at times, hoodwink Uncle Mike, his father was a different matter altogether. The king was the most powerful telepathic alive. For this reason, when the new school term began, Uncle Mike would no longer be teaching him telepathy; his
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