The Power of Six Sigma.. Reaction Paper

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1. Make a list of facts you learned from the book * Six sigma is focused on eliminating mistakes, errors and wastes * Six sigma is very effective if everyone in the company is involved * You must have a numerical goal * Six sigma is not just improving quality, it also includes making every customers happy which also increases the profit * You should also help your workers in doing their jobs, don’t just motivate them * You should also focus on the process, not only on end products in solving problems to avoid wastes * You should also consult the customers to know what are their demands/opinions about the product * Focus on problems that can be solved and choose those problems that is giving…show more content…
5. What lessons did you learned from each chapter of the book? * Chapter 1: Moving Day * Don’t assume that you’ve already done all the good things that your company needs, all company wants continuous improvement. Do not also assume that you will not be removed from your job because you already work for many years and already done good things for the company. * Chapter 2: Lunch is Served * The demands of people often changes as times goes by, we are not sure whether the product we are producing will last forever. * Chapter 3: Swallowing Six Sigma * It is not by creating new inventions, buying other companies or hiring big stars the only way a company may increase their profits, companies may also increase their profit by reducing the mistakes and errors.

* Chapter 4: The Crucial Differences * The top management should also help their workers in the process; they should not only give orders and motivate them to do the right things. Obtaining certificates like ISO helps in making the company more popular, but it does not mean that it really helps in the improvement in the process or product of the company. * Chapter 5: Who Does What * All employees from the top management down to the lowest must have a
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