The Power of Social Engineers in The Art Of Deception by Mitnick

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The Art of Deception is an in depth look at the vulnerability that the common man has to the social engineer. Mitnick’s perspective comes from a social angle instead of a technological one, seeing as he is known as the greatest hacker all over media and most of his methods weren’t technologically inclined but socially. A quick look into Mitnick’s background, he was an only child who had a knack for understanding the Nitti Gritty of technology. As a child, he managed to ‘hack’ the bus system in Los Angeles and travel for free, exploited telephone networks as a teen and in college, infiltrated their network and was later hired because it was either that or expulsion. These are just a few of his many hacking exhibitions. He has served jail time because he realised what he did was wrong and is now helping companies avoid similar exploitations through his security company, public talks and through his books.
In this day and age, where information is the new currency on the block, criminals are on the rise to acquire this information. The book highlights the different techniques and attacks of the social engineer and how easily we are persuaded into thinking that technology has secured us from these attacks. He shows these through a variety of stories that have actually happened as indications of our negligence to these attacks, but as well points out ways that we can protect ourselves from these attacks and become less victimized by the social engineer. He gets us to look through

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