The Power of Universal Education Essay example

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Time does not wait for anyone who is not quick enough to keep up with it. In order for students to get ahead and succeed, students must learn and study when it is time, not when the students are already out of school. In order for the students to receive the same information, students must all adopt a universal education system. That would mean a standard kindergarten to grade twelve and then post-secondary after-words. A group of people proposed an extra year of school at the cost of the tax players. The government does not agree, and everyone should support them. There are too many variables in the fifth year that could affect the future of students. The government cannot simply afford to fund an extra year, students are given ample…show more content…
Throughout their four years here students are taught the importance of university and doing well in school. With the proper goals and work ethics, students should be well prepared when heading to university. The current education system already allows the students to come back for a victory lap (Kaleigh) in which they can take courses they missed and/or need for post-secondary. If they need to take multiple credits so that they have the pre-requisites before applying to university then they can pay for them. Also with grade thirteen no longer existing, all the students leaving high school will no longer need to stay back an extra year so that they could apply for university. Those who need to learn extra things can come back for more courses at a price. Ever since eliminating grade thirteen more students have graduated onto University or College. There were 263,637 students enrolled full time in Ontario University’s in the 2001-2002 school year. The number for colleges was 168,789(The Star). Looking at these statistics we can tell that the difference is quite massive. Student population across Ontario is continuing to grow at an astonishing pace and with that the enrollment at Ontario’s post secondary institutes has been also rising. It is expected to grow at this rate due to the elimination of grade thirteen, an increase in population of 19 year olds in Ontario, and an increase in the participation rate of the 18-24 year old population. Thanks to these statistics, the
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