The Power of Working Out Essay

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The Power of Working Out Wherever I go, whenever I go, whoever I see, I am always astonished by the way that people want to present themselves. The principle of working out reminds me of nothing else but a song titled “ wherever, whenever, whoever “ by Shakira. It is for the pure sense that everyone wants to look good and become popular by looking good. The media brings about popularity just by looking this so called “ good. “ Take for example Britney Spears, Christina Aguilara, Shakira, and other teen pop sensations. Many of these pop stars are not even old enough to drink, however they are making millions of dollars from their performances and cd’s that have sold. But it is not just the music that has created such…show more content…
So the JCC is a very ideal place for someone to go work out having it a very nice and clean facility with many benefits. The weight room itself is a very nice big open room which is surrounded by treadmills, weights that range from 1-100 pounds. Ski machines, bench press machines, sit up benches, curling bars and other machines that makes it a very nice place for people to work out while above them is a T.V screen maybe about the size of 20 inches where people watch sports, the discovery channel, or anything else that may please the people to make it a more enjoyable work out. It seems as if the weight room evolves around an age group of all sorts. People within the ages of 15 to 70 years old, perhaps even older come to this weight room to work out and increase their health. It seems not to only be a health Elkin 2 issue but also a place for people to come and be social with one another and talk about sports, their work out, or anything else. On Saturday, November 24, 2001 I arrived into a giant parking lot where I was only one of a few cars parked. This is because the JCC opens at 1:00 PM, however I am supposed to be there early so I can turn all the TV’s on, as well as all the machines, and put out the towels
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