The Power of a Man and His Gun Essay

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The Power of a Man and His Gun
An Inside look at Robert Wright’s Dave Saunders and America’s Love of Guns
New England College of Business and Finance “The Man Who was Almost a Man” written by Robert Wright, is a fictional story in which we focus on the main character Dave Saunders. Dave is a seventeen year old African American living in a time of racial oppression. When we meet Dave, we learn of his struggles with some fellow field workers and desires more respect as a man. Believing that possession of a firearm will earn him the respect he thinks he deserves, Dave decides to buy a gun. In this story, Wright has created Dave to be facing multiple struggles against the white man. In the story’s setting,
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The gun debate continues to raise eyebrows in America. And the main question is; why do American’s love guns? As always, there are two sides to every debate. In the expansive country that we live in, it’s quite understandable that there are going to be many different cultures and backgrounds in the mix. The debate over guns is no different. An example of these different views came into play debate between Representatives in 2000 between Adam Schiff (D. California) and Brad Carson(D. Oklahoma.) Both were asked a question about the gun issue in America, there responses were:
Schiff: ‘When people think about guns, it’s not so much about hunting or self-protection, it’s more about gang violence and drive-by shootings, about someone going into a day-care center in Granada Hills and shooting a bunch of kids, or going into a school in Stockton and shooting kids,” Schiff said.
Carson: ‘In my home district, when people think about guns, it’s also not that much about hunting or self-protection. It’s about Lexington and Concord.’ This simple point of view shows how America sees guns differently. In Schiff’s point, he sees them as causing harm and pain for unjust reasons. Carson sees guns as a point of defense, pride and part of American heritage. In today’s age we are constantly seeing violence on television. From
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