The Power of the Internet Essay

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The Power of the Internet The area of technology in today's society that is expanding without bound is the Internet. Millions of people belong to the online world full of articles, shops, the latest news, virtual communities, etc. If a person needs information or directions the fastest and most successful place to turn is online. For example the quote, "You can get anything you want with a click of a mouse," has become the motto for modern day America. Inside the virtual world are millions of groups and organizations built to interest people who share common ideas, values, and goals. The Internet groups, commonly refereed to as communities, appeal to a certain aspect of everyone's lives. Finding a community that someone feels…show more content…
On the other hand there is the Internet, a broad expanding industry full of diversity and life. The Internet is growing so rapidly that everyone wants to be a part of it. Amy Bruckman explains that "the Net is made up of hundreds of thousands of separate communities, each with its own special character." (171) As more people join the Internet community diversity rises and the ability to find people who share similar interests becomes more likely. The Net is represented in numerous aspects of everyday life for many people such as in business, movies, television, and in the press. For example, during the Super Bowl every other advertisement was for the Internet company "accenture." Also, in the movie "The Net," with Sandra Bullock, the Internet had to do with the entire plot of the movie. We continue to see an abundance of advertisements and references to dot COM communities everywhere we turn. More and more in today's society, the Internet is taking a foothold, becoming a major part of the twenty-first century. The Internet surrounds Americans as well as others around the world causing special interests communities to become increasingly popular. With such a large audience some people decided to use it to their advantage. As mentioned earlier,
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