The Power of the Printed Word

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The Power of the Printed Word
1) Uncle Tom's Cabin was a highly influential book on England's view of American slavery in the Deep South. This novel promoted abolition and intensified sectional conflict between the north and south.
2) The Declaration of Independence formalized the colonies' separation from Britain and laid out the Enlightenment values (best expressed by John Locke) of natural rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" upon which the American Revolution was based.
3) The Influence of Sea Power Upon History describes countries with sea power were the great nations in history. Mahan believed in order for the U.S. needed to have a powerful defense, it was essential to establish power in the Caribbean and the Pacific.
4) Common Sense argued that nowhere in the universe was there a larger body ruled by a smaller body, and this same rule should apply to America and Britain.
5) The Jungle described the unsanitary and poor conditions of factories. This book inspired pro-consumer federal laws to be passed in order to regulate meat, food, and drugs.
6) Report on Manufactures was a proposal promoting protectionism in trade by adding tariffs to imported goods in order to protect American industry.
7) The Significance of the American Frontier was a lecture arguing that the western frontier had forged the distinctive qualities of American culture: individual freedom, political democracy, and economic mobility.
8) The Feminine Mystique portrayed the
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