The Powerful Effect of Fake News Essay

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The Powerful Effect of “Fake News” Introduction From the beginning days of the printing press to the always evolving internet of present day, the media has greatly evolved and changed over the years. No one can possibly overstate the influential power of the new media of television on the rest of the industry. Television continues to influence the media, which recently an era of comedic television shows that specialize in providing “fake news” has captivated. The groundbreaking The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and its spin-off The Colbert Report have successfully attracted the youth demographic and have become the new era’s leading political news source. By parodying news companies and satirizing the government, “fake news” has…show more content…
But with the events of the Vietnam War and Watergate scandal, reporters switched to “watchdog journalism” as they scrutinized nearly everything politicians said (Sabato 19). Finally, this brings the old media up to the present movement of “junkyard dog journalism” where almost anything goes (Sabato 19). New Media The old media’s dominance and the old media’s traditional role of public service died out with the realization of the looming economic considerations involving the profitability of the news in the 1980’s. The new media, originally with nonpolitical origins, developed political roles because of potential profitability covering the news (Davis 7). Although some of the new media does use old media technologies, that common usage is as close as they get. The new media—which includes talk radio, television, electronic town meetings, television news magazines, MTV, print and electronic tabloids, and computer networks—separates itself from the old media by “[enhancing] the public’s ability to become actors, rather than merely spectators, in the realm of medial politics” (Davis 7). The new media does not share the “sense of obligation to cover governmental affairs,” but rather functions as a source of entertainment that includes political issues once politics becomes entertainment (Davis 18). Television Television in the new media has

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