Essay on The Powerful Impact of Technology on Education

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The Powerful Impact of Technology on Education

Technology has become much more common in the past few years in education. It has also been a blessing to some teachers; giving them more time and helping them find a unique new way to teach their students. Computers can be found in almost every single classroom and children as young as 4 years old have been taught the basic skills on the computer. Funding and new programs for computer teaching have come a long way. In the next few years, hopefully every child will have access to learning all sorts of new concepts on the computer.

Several new institutes have arisen that focus on improving technology used for educational purposes. The Institute for Computer Based Learning uses
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Computers are used in almost every job that people work in this day and age. Basic skills are necessary in order to survive in the job market. If we do not give our children these basic skills, we are pulling them back. When they are young, children learn much more quickly and take things in much more easily. Many schools today are now requiring that children take particular classes and have certain skills in order to pass on to another grade. These requirements assure us that the students have been given an opportunity to achieve whatever goals they are striving towards.

Technology has given teachers and administrators a way of making sure that females and males receive equal opportunities. Research has also found that girls and boys are using the technology differently and are much more interested in different aspects of computers. Girls are most interested in furthering their typing skills and using the computer for basic things such as typing papers and writing e-mails. Boys, on the other hand, enjoy working on the Internet, learning more about new

More interested in making a career out of working with computers. In 1998, women held only 28% of computer science jobs. Boys and girls are both learning the skills but are using them affectivity in very different ways.

Connecting schools across the country has been of great interest to education leaders. Schools from every
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