The Powerful, Just, and Insensitive Government

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The Powerful, Just, and Insensitive Government The civilized society is built my men and women who favor law and order, which serve as the infrastructure of a stable society. The strict interpretation and abidance of the established law may lead to punishments greater than the perpetrator deserves. On example in history is Hammurabi’s Code, which utilizes the law of retribution; part of Hammurabi’s law has been interpreted as “an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth”, in which the perpetrator will face the same consequence as his victim. Nowadays, lawful punishment became less radical, and certainly less extreme compared to the Code of Hammurabi. However, contemporary governments are very centralized, and citizens have collectively given the government power to rule, control, and regulate the citizens, criminal or not. By juxtaposing four New York Times articles, we will see the government sometimes regulate the freedom of individuals for the benefit of the public. The following paragraphs will summarize the four articles and establish a relationship between them. In the article written by Richard A. Oppel Jr., titled “Army General Apologize to Victims of Misconduct Before Being Sentenced,” the author explains the current ruling of Brigadier General Jeffery Sinclair, who has pleaded guilty of mistreating junior officers, adultery, and soliciting explicit pictures from female soldiers, among other lesser charges. The maximum prison sentence of the General’s crimes is 25 years;
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