The Powers Of The Mediterranean

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Powers of the Mediterranean In the 3rd century B.C.E. there were two great powers in the area surrounding the Western part of the Mediterranean Sea, The African/Spanish Empire of Carthage and the Italian Empire of Rome. Both empires were rapidly expanding their territory while ultimately avoiding each other. Carthage had conquests in South-West Europe in modern day Spain, while the Romans were working their way East into Macedonia. Rome and Carthage were both major powers controlling what to them was the entire world. These two powers are very similar and very different, but after a conflict between them started only one would make it out alive. Before the wars began, in the 9th century B.C.E. a Phoenician Queen known most commonly by Dido, founded a city in Northern Africa, in modern day Tunisia, Known as Kart-hadasht or translating to “new city”. The Greeks called this city Karchedon which the Romans adapted to Carthago, or Carthage. (Mark 2011) Before Rome, Carthage the center of trade through-out the Mediterranean. Upon the fall of the Phoenician city of Tyre after the conquests of Alexander the Great, Tyrains fled to the city of Carthage. Most of these refugees were extremely wealthy, and upon their settlement at Carthage, they expanded Carthage’s trade substantially. Carthage was experienced with naval warfare and fought their battles with mercenaries, soldiers paid to fight. (Rodriguez n.d.) Comparing to Carthaginian history, there is a lot more documented history
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