The Powwows And The Jingle Dress Dance

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A Powwow is a congregation where Native American celebration, singing and dancing take place. Throughout the country there are numerous different powwows; though in this essay I will talk about overall powwows and in details the Jingle Dress Dance which by most accounts has its roots in the northern regions of the United States. Some reports say that the word powwow has its origin from the Pawnee word pa-wa, mean¬ing “to eat”, other sources say the word indicates a gathering of people for purpose of celebration or important event. The word Pow Wow, or pau wau, might also means a gathering of people coming together to trade. In any case, it is a special time for people to meet and rejoice, meet old friends and create new friendships. Explorers misinterpreted the ritual of dancing by medicine men, assuming that all natives gathered to sing and dance in this manner. Modern era Powwows progressed from the Grass Dance Societies that shaped throughout the early 1800’s. Dances remained an occasion for the warriors to recreate their valiant actions for all the members of the tribe to observer. Furthermore growing of the reservations provided growth to the contemporary Powwow. This was a time of transition for Native American people across North America. Outlawing of the Tribal customs and the religion of the Native people was as results of the federal government involvements. The Grass Dance was one of the few celebrations that were allowed into this new era. The Grass Dance became

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