The Practicality Of Network Security

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Introduction: As a concept, the practicality of Network Security includes using activities designed to protect a user’s network. Specifically, the core aim for this security is to protect the usability, reliability, integrity, and safety of data on that network. In Network Securitythere are numerous applications and software programs that are used by individuals which perform their own roles in securing network data. The most common and possibly the most essential application used to protect network data is known as a firewall. A firewall is a program that is designed to act as a barrier between an external network and the users. It is fundamentally designed to stop hackers, scammers, viruses, worms, and essentially any unauthorised…show more content…
Looking toward the future with the exponential evolution in technology, it is key to gather a more in depth and analytical study of the methodologies involved in firewall systems.Observing the current direction of firewall development can provide an idea of the improvements that can be made to keep up with an ever expanding technological society; especially as more and more people are being exposed, uneducated, to the dangers of the internet. Aim: By taking a look at the average household or business building, it is realised that a common aspect of their basic structure is the physical security mechanisms in place. These are in place to protect the privacy and integrity of what the owner possesses within. In terms of a network, this concept of preventing unauthorised access of one 's property is just as valid. However, in the situation of a network, a firewall is used as this prevention security system. The idea is simple; a user may have stored, on their network, a certain amount of private data that is personal to them or their business. Thus, a firewall is put in place in order to prevent anything or anyone that does not have authorisation from accessing any of this data. If an unknown and potentially dangerous individual were to try to get into a building complex, the physical security appliances would react and prevent this from happening. A firewall works the same way; however it deals with potentially harmful packets entering the network. These packets are
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