The Practice Of English Teaching

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Approaches and methods are the main methodology in the practice of English teaching. An approach refers to theories of the language, whereas a method includes the techniques and procedures in how it is used (Harmer, n.d.). Language teaching and its approaches have a very long history emerging from the early twentieth century. Throughout this time applied linguistics, teachers and others, thrived to develop teaching methods in order to meet the characteristics of change and improve efficiency. The main incentive for change corresponds to the increase demand in speakers who wish to acquire a second language together with globalization, encouraging an ongoing need of reassessing language-teaching practices (Richards and Rodgers, 1989). Due to the ongoing changes of language teaching, it is clear that this has resulted in a variety of approaches and methods that exist, ranging from the twentieth century to current time today. This leads to the clarification in which the method of discussion will be: the audiolingual method, a major trend in the twentieth century for language teaching. Firstly, an in depth description of what the approach consists of will be discussed. Then, the different theories corresponding to this method such as the behaviorism and language theories will be illustrated. Teacher roles in comparison to student roles will then henceforth, alongside a critical evaluation of the method.

Before the nineteenth century, the majority of language learners were…
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