The Practice Of Music And Enables Artists And Guest Curators

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Preface Introduction

Have you ever rushed around Newcastle, totally preoccupied with the hectic hustle and bustle of city life? Passersby are often too busy or late for something to really take in their surroundings. The practice of busking has given Newcastle a soundtrack, a musical backdrop to the chaos of city life. However, street performers are often restricted to limited areas in order to oblige the regulations set out by the council.

This book introduces the aim of the project whereas to promote the practice of music and enables artists and guest curators to explore their creativity while participating and engaging with music. A platform provided to become the mass populist entertainment for the population.

Speaking of music
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The lack of interesting places for concert has affected people to have less interest in visiting music spaces and there should be a suitable one for the use, enjoyment and also benefit the people of this vibrant city.

It may not be the ultimate music space, but the premise of this project is to unite musicians with supported facilities and give them the opportunity to promote their own music. Audiences will be offered with a fully immersive ambience and a complete program of professional cultural entertainment.

The book will demonstrate the intention of creating the music hall through its position first and foremost as an entertainment, and secondly as a cultural presence that is increasingly seen as a key element in regeneration plans.3

Nature of Subject / Topics

A lot of people’s perception of buskers is both brutally frank and ironic despite this artistic practice has always been as part of the contribution to this culture. They are far less appreciative of these performances that are carried out with a genre which they could never normally encounter. In consideration of the addressed matter, the music hall services as a stage that nurtures homegrown talent and accommodates wandering players.

Given a few successful real life examples showing that there are indeed some of the world’s most famous artists started as street performers, from
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