The Practice of Social Work: Community Intervention

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Theoretical knowledge Our community intervention followed the guidelines of two models of community work to facilitate a more organized and informed approach for making our intervention at the Bless the Children Home orphanage practicable. The Community Education model and the Community Development model we found applicable to our community intervention. In addition to these two models we also employed our education of cultural awareness to help us to be more useful to the children in the orphanage, i.e. we respected their religious beliefs and worked in accordance to the rules and regulations of the Orphanage. According to I. Martin (1987), Community Education has evolved from three main strands. Following our needs assessment of…show more content…
Along with the community education and community development, understanding the children we were working with was very important. The backgrounds of the members in our group were very different from the experiences of the children. We needed to understand why they might behave a certain way. The founder of the orphanage helped us in this way by telling us about the children and their experiences before they came to the orphanage. We had an idea of what kind of behavior to expect from the children. We understood that it would at times get difficult but we were not to judge them. We understood why they behaved in certain ways and we were mostly successful at dealing appropriately with their behavior. We made it a point to not appear in anyway better than they were and that we were there not only for our own means but also so that we can be of service to them and in turn help improve themselves. Community Profile The Bless the Children Home Orphanage is a registered non profitable organization whose mission is to help all needy children of different races, religion and background; to feed, house, clothe and give them an education. Founded by Mr. & Mrs. Surujpaul, the Home was opened on October 1st, 2008 and is located at Industry, East Coast Demerara. The Orphanage to date consists of twenty eight children, --boys, ---girls, of which --- are Indians, and –blacks, ----Amerindian,
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