The Prague Spring Trio, And Alex

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In establishing an enforceable contract it must first be held that there is an agreement between the ‘Prague Spring Trio’ (PST) and Alex. In order for an agreement to be upheld, there are two elements which must be established. First, it must then be identified that an offer was made by one party and a second party accepted this offer. Secondly, a contract comes into existence once the acceptance of an offer has been communicated to the offeror. Therefore, this assignment will discuss and advise whether Alex made an offer to the PST and whether the band accepted this offer by communicating it to Alex. Additionally, whether any consideration has been provided, and whether the circumstances lead to the application of equitable estoppel, where Alex has relied upon an agreement to her detriment.

An offer is an expression of willingness to enter into a contract on specified terms. Therefore, in determining whether an offer has been made, objectively, it must be found that a reasonable person in the position of Alex, would understand that sending an application into PST, based on an advertisement, insinuated that an offer was intended, and that a binding agreement would be made upon acceptance from the band. It may be argued that the advertisement was the offer, however this cannot be classified as an offer as it would imply that anyone who comes forward and performs the condition will be offered a position on the band . Additionally, an offer is…
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