The Prak Virus: A Short Story

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To Han, not many things paralleled the imprudence of pointless concepts — pointless afterthoughts maybe, even then, it was a stretch. Wishful thinking got people killed and Han sampled that acrid reality long ago. Sardonic sensibilities and bottom lines assumed their rightful place as his trustworthy advisers and Han intended on sticking with that particular mindset for a long time to come. No blond kid with pouty pink lips and a pair of endless blue eyes as vast as Corellia’s seas would come close to changing that. Not by a long shot. “She did very well tailoring this clothing without my measurements. Your sister shows talent in her work.” Luke fingered the edges of his sleeve tail, thumb fumbling over the button several times over. He lifted…show more content…
His gaze swept over his arm and hand more than once, unable to recall any specific injury Luke had sustained on his right arm. Although Han respected Luke’s modesty in regard to his privacy, he’d still seen more than enough of the prince’s body during his many medical treatments. Bruises dotted the kid like the time he’d contracted the Prak virus in his younger years. Purple blotches every few inches down his body, itchy and extremely contagious. Hard to miss and impossible to misremember where each blotch had been located on his…show more content…
“Why not do it yourself then?” Han grunted, the knuckle of his index finger grazing beneath his nose as he dropped the analytic survey for indifference, “You’ve got a mouth ‘n two legs. And it looks like you can stand now without falling over.” “I’m afraid of what you might think if I went looking for your younger sister.” Luke quietly shrugged and began to straighten his new apparel. “I don’t think it would come off as a mere _friendly thanks, given my reputation around the galaxy.” Resting to stare down at his scabbed feet, Luke’s candidly sober tone shoved Han more than a few notches. “But I don’t think I could ever blame you for it, Captain Solo. I’m sure you want me out of here as soon as possible.” “You can bet your ass I do,” Han had muttered spontaneously and he hastily extended his confirmation before the blasted kid could deprecate himself some more. Han didn’t want to hear a word of it. “But some of my blood clan is wanting you… to stay.” As expected, Luke said
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