The Prayer Nursery School Is A Private Christian School

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In the classroom that I observed at Redemption Nursery School, the bulletin board in the classroom did support multiculturalism and diversity, their bulletin were very colorful and displayed the children artwork that they have done at the time. When I observed my classroom it was in the beginning of October, so the bulletin board still had Welcome to Pre-k and on the bulletin board there were children on the board who were all different races, Caucasian, Asian, Indian etc. Redemption Nursery school is a private Christian school and there are only about five classes at this school, so they do not have assembly programs, the only assembly like program the school has the children go to church once a month, so they children that are Christian are embracing their culture. They do go on trips, but the trips do not embrace the cultures of others. I thought the assignment and projects were reflective of multiculturalism because in the classroom I observed the children were different races, from Caucasian, African American, Chinese and Indian and when the teacher had her students draw a picture of themselves and their family and she told her class that everyone is different and you can color yourself any color you want to. When the teacher would do a assignment the teacher would tell the students to color their pictures as you want to color it and they had a variety of different colors like brown, black, white, yellow for the students to color the picture of themselves. 7.

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