The Prayer Of A Public School

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Many people in Southern Missouri believe that we need to have more religion in schools. “Keep Christ in Christmas,” “One nation under God,” and post the Ten Commandments on every wall in public buildings. This is an easy rallying cry because most people in rural Southwest Missouri share the same Christian beliefs. There is a place for these types of soapboxes. That place is called church. Schools are designed to prepare students for the college and career. Churches are designed to prepare congregations for the after-life. As the law mandates, each organization is separate and each plays a vital role in the betterment of our communities. In order to address religious celebrations in schools, one must address how religion should be handled in the day-to-day educational operation of a public school. The First Amendment Center provides a great guide and tips on “How to Handle Religious Holidays in Public Schools.” The article reminds educators that schools may not promote any religion, but may teach about religion. As an English teacher one cannot have their class read The Crucible without educating their students on the Puritan faith. Most freshmen in Missouri read Romeo and Juliet. To understand the true motivations of the Juliet the reader must have a basic understanding of Catholicism. The same idea is true in Social Studies. Educators cannot ignore religion, they just cannot promote it. Students in rural Southwest Missouri have not experienced the
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