The Prayer Of The Great Commission

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One of the greatest challenges for Christians is to fulfill the commandment of the Great Commission. Wheeler and Whaley address the issue of worship and evangelism in their book The Great Commission to Worship, and provide important principles for Christians to help them see the relationship between worship and evangelism, and how it impacts obedience to the Great Commission. The following reading reflection will discuss four principles that are important to the Great Commission, and will apply those principles to current ministry. Principles Evangelism is one of the most important aspects of church ministry. The Lord Jesus Christ left Christians in this world to evangelize the lost. Our eternal purpose is to glorify God in all that we…show more content…
This is the point of worship. God must be honored and exalted. Once Christians have a true understanding of their purpose to worship God, and to glorify His name, that will lead to them fulfill the Great Commission. Christians will see the purpose of evangelism once worship is understood. Worship in the New Testament can be summed up in Jesus Christ. Once Christians see the beauty of Christ, they will want to share their faith. The pattern of worship is to get away from being busy to spend time with Christ. This is a major problem for many Christians. We need to spend time with Christ in prayer and worship if evangelism will be done in a way that honors God. Spending time in God’s Word, in prayer, is essential to being effective for the kingdom of God. Christians can do nothing without the help of God, so one must spend time with Him in prayer. Daily time should be spent prayer and worship. Finally, Christians must understand they are servants of Christ. When one becomes a Christian, we must tell them that they are to be slaves to the Lord Jesus Christ. Usually, Christians are doing things for the wrong reasons. A Christian should serve Christ not out of duty, but because they know and understand that they are servants of the most high God. Application It is important in ministry to teach how important evangelism is to the life of the church. I used to teach an evangelism class to equip members of the church to see the importance of evangelism. This helped to
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