The Prayer Of The Holy Land

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Then, Stephen starts to preach them. He uses the OT to refute the three main cores of Jewish faith. Those are the Holy Place, the Holy Law, and the Holy Temple. Jews believes that they get blessings from God because they possess these three things. His sermon is the longest sermon on the NT. No one has preached such sermon before him. That means he is learned in God’s words. Let’s us see what he learns about the three Holy things that Jews possess. A/ the Holy Place (7:2-36) In Acts 7:2-36 Stephen mentions 3 ancestors, Abraham, Jacob, and Moses, who got blessings before they get the Holy Place. Abraham gets God’s blessing in Haran before he set off to the Holy Land. (Gen 12:1-3) Jacob and his whole family get blessings from God while he has only a family tomb in the Holy Land. (Acts 7:16) Moses encounters God in the desert near Mount Sinai. The Lord calls the place as the Holy Place. (Act 7:30-33 NIV) That is to say a place is Holy only with God’s presence. God is not limited by a place. God’s work is not limited to the Holy Land. The greatest signs and miracles God did are in the Red Sea, not Israel. This like today E.g. Some people America is full of Christian culture. God also raises many missionaries and mega churches which influence the world from the US. Therefore, we must have a lot of blessings from God when we live here. We must be healthier and wealthier than the other nations in the world. But, Stephen tells us that God’s blessing is not
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