The Preamble Of The Constitution

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In the Preamble of the Constitution it states that one of the reasons the U. S. Constitution was set up was to promote the general welfare of the people. This provision foresees the legal American right for citizens to have its government serve the welfare of the people. However, the constitution states that this welfare is for the people’s general welfare– not welfare which takes resources from the people to benefit certain states or certain people. Those who receive the welfare are mainly poor and not actively seeking jobs; giving these people money would just be subversive. Providing social welfare programs to the poor is unconstitutional, damaging to those who receive the government funds and to other members of society.
To begin, the term “general welfare” was used in the Articles of Confederation and elsewhere to refer to the well-being of the whole people. The Founders did not want the power and resources of the federal government to be used for the special benefit of any one region or any one state. Nor were the resources of the people to be expended for the benefit of any particular group or any special class of citizens (Learn The Constitution, n.d.). This shows that having social welfare programs is an unnecessary and extraneous use of our federal government’s money. The entire American concept of “freedom to prosper” was based on the belief that man’s instinctive will to succeed in a climate of liberty would result in the whole people prospering together.
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