The Precursor Of Psychoanalysis And Dr. Josef Breuer

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The precursor of psychoanalysis rooted from Dr. Sigmund Freud’s and Dr. Josef Breuer’s findings from the case of Anna O. Previously in the 19th century, very little was known about mental illness. In fact, patients suffering from a mental illness were imprisoned in asylums for the inhumane testing of barbaric treatments. Incidentally, it was once presumed that mental deficiencies were rooted from physical ailments. On the contrary, mental illness dwelled in the aspect of human’s not yet exposed, the psyche. With a collaboration of different viewpoints, Breuer and his young protégé Freud synthesized their knowledge to treat a patient suffering from hysteria, referred to as Anna O. Anna was a very unusual patient that “shuddered in agony and…show more content…
Moreover, it is here where Freud has embraced the ability to psychoanalyze himself through a recollection of dreams kept from childhood. As a result, it was discovered that during a dream the mind has the ability to express itself without the constraints faced in reality or societal standards. Dreams elude defense mechanisms and censorship to freely articulate the mind’s wishes to embrace more cynical, true desires. Indeed, it is emphasized that: “The virtuous man contents himself with dreaming that which the wicked man does in actual life.” By all means, an individual undoubtedly experiences immoral behavior in the safety of a dream, yet a deeper meaning is embedded. Freud enlightens to the meanings of dreams in two unambiguous fragments, the manifest content and the latent content. Specifically, the manifest content is an individual’s memory of the dream. The manifest content is thus the disguised desires of the unconscious mind. Specifically, these disguises are expressed by symbols, such as long, weapon-like symbols to personify males and hollow, box-like symbols to personify females. Whereas, the latent content is the unfeigned significance of the dream actually fulfilling these forbidden desires. Each dream and its symbols are specific to the individual, further pressing Freud’s rejection of The Interpretation of Dreams to be a universal reference of dreams. Instead, an individual’s dream’s meaning can only be understood if the

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