The Predator Of The Sea

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Introduction: No fish or any species for the matter performs the act of survival better than this one. Its ability to quickly adapt to environments in search for food could be a reason they have roamed the seas for more than 400 million years (Sharks World, 2017). This isn’t an ordinary beta fish that lives in the families fish tank, this is the apex predator of the sea; this is the shark (WildAid, 2017). As humans we hear “shark” and we tend to think of movies like JAWS or feel emotions like fear yet these do not represent them accurately. These fish do the job of regulating the sea an important factor that’s being affected by humans on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we humans as a species are wastefully killing these sharks this is not…show more content…
Almost always after the shark has taken its first bite of human flesh, it releases and swims away realizing that what they have eaten was not what the thought it was.

Not many people will bring up that sharks have been around for more than 400 million years, that there is almost nothing that is as old as a shark, or even that sharks have survived all five mass extinctions. If left unattended and free in the wild sharks can have an average lifespan of 20-30 years, 30 being the maximum which very few sharks are fortunate to see. There are over 440 known shark species that have been discovered with hundred more left to be also be found, there is also over 100 million sharks that are in the ocean today.
More increasingly over the last decade, sharks have become endangered due to various reasons but the three most important being shark finning, bycatch, and habitat degradation. Shark finning is as simple as it sounds, this is where once the sharks have been catch the fisherman cut off the fin then discards the rest of the body. The fin being sold to various restaurants and fish markets. Bycatch is the unintentional capture of anything not meant to be caught during that particular session. Habitat degradation is the most harmful due to the fact that since global warming is increasing as
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