The Predators Of Eastern Grey Squirrels

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RESULTS We found that Eastern grey squirrels are less likely to be active in an area when the threat of a predator is present, although there is no correlation to predator noise and feeding. There was a significant difference in the mean number of Eastern grey squirrels in the area where the predator noise was played, with a greater number squirrels in the areas when there was no threat of predation (Table 1) (p=0.006). During the absence of a predator and presence of a predator, there was no statistically significant difference in the number of squirrels that fed from the plate (Table 1) (p= 0.118) or peanuts taken (Table 1) (p= 0.085). Table 1. Mean (+ StdDev) squirrels in area, feeding, and number of peanuts eaten during predator absent and predator present tests on St. Lawrence University campus property. Squirrels in Area Squirrels Feeding Number of Peanuts Eaten Sample Size (n) Predator Absent Predator Present Statistical Output (p-value) 3.33(+ 1.36) 0.66( + 1.21) 0.006 2.17( +2.56) 0.17(+0.41) 0.118 4.67(+5.13) 0.17(+0.41) 0.085 6 6 The manipulated factor between treatments- predator absent and predator present- was the use of a known predator of squirrel’s unique call, while also noting its relevant presence in the North Country. In Figure 1, the trend in the mean number of squirrels feeding is visualized to note that despite there being no statistically significant difference in the data collected during each condition, there is a trend that

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