The Prediction of the Future of Technology

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Forster in 1909. The story starts with a conversation between mother and son they lived on opposite sides of the world . The mother was named Vashti and her son was named Kuno. The story portrays how the technological world will be like thousand years from now. The description of the setting sounds more like what is happening in today. With Facebook twitter, Skype, WhatsApp and all the communication soft wares, a lot of people now do not have friends that they physically go and visit, all they do is sit in the comfort of their homes and chat on Facebook or Skype relatives in the other side of the world. Today people can sit in their homes and shop, work and even do online classes. Vashti is content with her life, which, like most people of that world, she spends her time producing and ceaselessly discussing ideas. She sits in her room and give a lecture in Australian music. The Machine substitutes everything. It satisfies human needs and can even control people’s thoughts. The machine is Vashti’s life, religion, and law. She does everything with the machine. She listens to music through the machine, she doesn’t go outside of her place. You can clearly notice that from the story that Vashti is worshiping the machine. This to me is similar to the Defining the Web in the course reading, net identity.
He starts the story with a phone call from Kuno to his mother. He is…
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