The Preface By William Lloyd Garrison

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The preface by William Lloyd Garrison describes the encounter between Frederick Douglass and Garrison, at an anti-slavery convention. It tells about how this encounter led to a long partnership between the two as well as Douglass’ involvement in the Anti-Slavery Society. At the convention the people noticed his appearance as well as his intellectual side. The crowd seemed to respond well to the idea of protecting Douglass against his owners. In the convent Garrison says Douglass’ testimony made the audience question their ideas about black being inferior. Garrison then goes on to talk about how any inferior ideas about a race are the cause of slavery. He describes the events where a shipwrecked whites where held as slaves by blacks in Africa because they were seen as inferior. He then goes on to point of that many slaves have endured a much harsher life then Douglass, and he points out how murder of slaves was not being investigated. In the preface there was a letter to Douglass from a Wendell Phillips, addressing Douglass as a friend. He says that he is happy the writing of former slaves is now being published and able to be but into history. The prior history of slave owning was by slave owners themselves and they left out very important details. He then goes on to say that he was astounded at the harsh ways he was treated in an area that was considered a less harsh area. He then goes on to talk about how since he put the real names of himself and of his masters he has
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