The Preface Starts Off By William Lloyd Garrison

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The preface starts off by William Lloyd Garrison describing his encounter with Frederick Douglass at an anti-slavery convention in Nantucket. Garrison tells us that Frederick Douglass made an escape from the southern prison house of bondage and that his speech at the convention was a memorable one. Frederick Douglass’s had eloquence and a skill of persuading. Connecting people’s minds and hearts to his words of description about the reality of slavery. The audience responded with great attention and created a common perspective about the actuality of slavery that Frederick Douglass describes. As soon as Frederick Douglass finished his speech, Garrison arose and declared that the hunted fugitive’s speech was better than Patrick…show more content…
Rather than the descriptions revealed by the masters who might have hide the significant facts about his slaves life and the mistreatments they receive. Phillips was also glad to learn a lot of the true facts from Douglass’s narrative and learns the wretchedness of death that gathers over the souls of the slaves before they could even learn their A B C’s. Phillips also mentions that Frederick Douglass originates from a state (Maryland) where the conditions for a slave were less harsh than the other states in the Deep South. Where one can only imagine the horrors that surrounded the slaves in those states. Wendell Phillips also praises his book and is also confident that whoever reads his book will be persuaded towards the cause of anti-slavery and that since Frederick Douglass is a marvelous and persuasive speaker, his book will also consist of the same elements. Finally, he mentions to his friend about how he wrote his own name and his masters names clearly in his narrative, making it dangerous upon himself. Phillips also relates this choice towards the founding fathers when they wrote their names on the Declaration of Independence. Here we can admire Frederick Douglass’s bravery and that he is not scared to spread the truth about the reality of slavery that many do not know. Frederick Douglass was born in Talbot county, Maryland. Douglass explains that he does not know his age, as many other slaves also do not know their

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