The Pregnancy And Childbearing Practices At The Late Fall And Early Winter We All Deer Hunt

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as healthy as possible and go on a fitness streak, trying to eat my healthiest and exceeding my average exercise routine. Food Traditions My family and I are avid hunters. During the late fall and early winter we all deer hunt. A traditional Christmas meal for my family does not include turkey or ham, but instead deer loin. During Thanksgiving we do not eat the traditional American turkey, but instead chukar, a type of small bird. Hunting gives you hormone free food and is much healthier for you than the grocery store processed food. Pregnancy and Childbearing Practices Raising children in this day and age can become expensive quickly; therefore, methods of birth control can be quite convenient for those not ready to have kids.…show more content…
Childbirth When I am to give childbirth I only want my husband, doctor, and any nurses in the room with me. I believe in natural childbirth, but understandably if someone needs extreme measures to be taken to secure their life and the baby’s then I would support that as well. However I believe child birth should be as natural as possible. I think mothers should try to restrain from receiving an epidural through natural practices such as different birthing positions or Lamaze. Death Practices and Rituals Thinking about death at age 19 is frightening in a way, not that I might die, but that I may die and the people closest to me will not know how much I loved them. Most people wish to live long and happy lives, as do I. I want to grow old with my husband and pass peacefully. Death itself is not scary to me because I know where I will be after I die, which is in Heaven with God, if he permits. Rituals When the time comes for a person in our family, we tend to pray for them. We pray if we feel their time is close or if they are very ill. Praying and talking to God give us all a since of hope and assurance, that no matter what the end may bring we will have God, and if a person may pass they will enjoy the splendors of Heaven with God. Spirituality I am a Christian, believer in The Lord. Every Sunday there are church services held at eight and ten in the morning for
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