The Pregnancy Anxiety And Tips For Coping With Childbirth Anxiety

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Are you having childbirth anxiety especially as the date of the birth draws near? Are you unsure on how to cope with childbirth anxiety? To help understand the cause of childbirth anxiety and tips for coping with childbirth anxiety, I have interviewed psychologist Carol Hicks. Tell me a little bit about yourself. "I have a MA degree in Psychology and I have been a Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years with a specialty in hypnotherapy influenced by Milton Erickson. My ex husband and I wrote 'The Answer Within ' as a clinical framework for Ericksonian hypnotherapy in 1983 and I have conducted extensive training in this approach to therapy. I currently operate a booming private practice and regularly facilitate the process of accessing unconscious wisdom for the clients who come to me in a quandary about life challenges. I work to help them discover the answer within by learning the pathway to this sweet spot of comfort and wellbeing where they can contemplate what it is that they do want. I regularly look to utilize the anxiety they bring as 'grist for the mill ' and as an indicator that something big is waking up and looking for acceptance. It is akin to giving birth to one 's evolving self without judgment and blame. And transformed anxiety becomes the basis for passionate empowerment." Have you experienced giving birth and if so, what was it like for you? "Yes. Twice. The first involved a 30 hour labor with an epidural at the 25 hour mark so the second time I

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