The Pregnancy Is The Most Amazing Experience Any Woman Will Ever Go Through

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Childbirth is the most amazing experience any woman will ever go through. Almost every point of the experience can be remembered no matter how long ago it occurred. One tends to forget the history of child birth and what it was like for a mother a century ago to deliver her newborn, furthermore, the natural occurrences that happen with the delivery process is unknown to many people that have not experienced it and the numerous delivery options that are available to today’s health conscious mothers. These unfamiliar aspects of child birthing in America has plagued our childless society with ignorance to an important matter. I feel that if one does not know his or her own history they are bound to repeat it.
There has been several changes in the last century in the techniques, expectations and hygiene practices of child birthing in America. To begin, the mother’s expectations have changed drastically. The woman a century ago were very nervous and often times feared child birth due the high probability of losing the child or their own. . In a report put out by the Center of Disease Control, explained, “Maternal mortality rates were highest in this century during 1900-1930. Poor obstetric education and delivery practices were mainly responsible for the high numbers of maternal deaths, most of which were preventable.” (Qtd. in Death In Childbirth: An international study of maternal care and maternal mortality, 1800-1950) The mortality rates were extremely high for the woman at

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