The Pregnancy Of Placenta Is A Woman 's Body

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Placenta is an organ found in all pregnant women, which forms inside the mother’s uterus and is connected to the fetus in order for it to receive nutrients and be able to develop healthier. After giving birth and ejecting the placenta, mothers choose whether to intake the placenta as a form to recover from childbirth. The placenta is usually made into pills or is eaten raw but is mixed with other foods, such as tacos, kabobs, and smoothies. The intake of placenta has also sparked controversy to those who refer to if as being an act of cannibalism. People think of this as cannibalism because the mother is digesting human flesh since placenta is a woman’s organ. Doctors have noticed these benefits and see the intake of placenta to be risk…show more content…
After a controversial accident in the 1960s, it was discovered that placenta not only could deliver nourishing nutrients but also harmful substances that can defect the fetus. Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine are substances that easily pass the placenta and can affect the fetus more than the mother (Hunter par 8). Researchers have found that the last stage of labor took nearly twice as long for women who smoke than women who do not smoke (Hunter par 16). Women have claimed that eating their placenta has led to a reduction of fatigue, a more balanced mood, and also an increase in breast milk production. In some cultures, people bury their placenta and plant a tree over it, calling it “the tree of life” (Wan par 3). Various cultures treat placenta as another child that contains its own spirit.
Placenta contains vitamins, hormones, and minerals that help the uterus heal. The most important benefit known is its high potency of iron, which is extremely good in the aid for a speedy recovery and a particular benefit to vegetarian woman (Selander par 2). These healing benefits of placenta are called placentophagy and have been practiced for centuries. Placenta is an endocrine organ and because it is this specific organ it triggers a production of hormones. The healing process is due to vitamins of iron and zinc, which in return make a woman heal faster from postpartum depression and increase in milk production (Selander par 9). Women ingest their placenta so it
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