The Premise of the Cosmological Arguement and Some Objections

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Parmenides of Elea once presented the expression ex nihilo nihil fit, which translates to nothing comes from nothing for one of his many theses. The Cosmological Argument, an argument of the posteriori category, meaning that it requires data based on past experiences, argues for the existence of God with this type of expression at its core. By attempting to prove how the universe must be influenced by an independent being that has godlike qualities, cosmological arguments suggest that it is rational to believe in an omnipotent being and its accountability of creating the universe. Typically, cosmological arguments occur in two different phases. The first phase’s purpose is to provide the premise that there is a ‘first cause’ or an…show more content…
With this in mind, we can say that the third premise, which states that if something exists now, then something has always existed, is valid. After all, if something exists now, there must have been something to cause it or nothing would exist. According to the fourth premise of the Cosmological Argument, if something has always existed, then reality is either a series of dependent beings, or there is an independent being that has existed at all times. This premise, supported by PSRa, is based around the belief that there must be an infinite succession of dependent beings, or an always-present independent being. In other words, the existence of a series of dependent beings would be caused by the series before it, which would have been caused by the series before it, which would have been caused by the series before it, and so on. The other possible explanation would be that there is an independent being that always existed and acted as starting point to this infinite pattern, as PSRa states that there must be an explanation to what would have caused the start of the whole series. After arguing for the two possible explanations for the existence of everything with the fourth premise, the fifth premise denies the possibility of an infinite chain
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