The Prentice Hall 's Self Assessment And The Holly Bible

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What’s your personality? Are you an optimist who sees the glass half full or are you the person who gets invited to social settings because you’re the life of the party? The word personality or phrases associated with personality conjure emotions affecting behavior and attitudes. A person’s personality is more than a phrase it’s a result of factors and situations. This paper will attempt to explain my personality according to the results of the Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment and the Holly Bible. I use the word attempt because doing a self-assessment can be subjective depending on a variety of circumstances and emotions. Edgar’s Self-Assessment
What about Me
My Jungian Type Personality The Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment test
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My personality preferences are influenced by my spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. I came to the conclusion the different Jungian Personality results were due to my emotional mode and physical condition. The most recent time I took the personality test, I was well rested and in good health. The initial personality test, I was sick with a cold and had driven three hundred miles earlier in the day. A combination of the long road trip and suffering with the cold symptoms resulted in varying test results. Physical fitness levels and physical stamina affect emotions and affected my personality type results.
How Involved am I in my Job? The results for the Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment, how involved am I in my job listed my score of forty-five. The test, results indicated I have relatively high job involvement. My job consumes large amounts of time and effort. While taking the test, the questions prompted me to think about the level of commitment I have to my job versus my family. Before taking the self-assessment, I was in the belief my work and family commitments were divided appropriately. A few months ago I had a conversation with my wife about the level of involvement with my professional life versus my family. I gave several examples of how I dropped everything at work and came home to handle family-related problems and emergencies in an attempt to debate her examples. As I was taking the self-assessment test, I remembered my conversation
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