The Preparedness Efforts Leading Up For Hurricane Floyd

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The preparedness efforts leading up to Hurricane Floyd was not as affected as we are today due to lack of technology, we had back in 1999 and the infrastructure like we have today. The Division of Public Health held meetings a day before Hurricane Floyd arrived in North Carolina. They had press releases with some safety and tip advises to citizens all across the state of North Carolina and communicated with local health departments and exchanged valuable information on the assistance that was needed for the disaster. A hurricane warning was in effect for North Carolina 27 hours prior to the arrival of Hurricane Floyd. The weather channel predicted the hurricane from all the model predictions that it would not impact the east coast like it did. The governor at the time of Hurricane Floyd, who was Jim Hunt, reassured to the State of North Carolina that the storm is capable of producing heavy rain and also advised all of North Carolina to take shelter. Also, he advised the citizens that lived in manufactured homes, to evacuate immediately and take shelter elsewhere. As many as 700 National Guards were deployed in efforts for security and traffic. Local pet shelters were in place for home pets who needed shelter for the storm and proper instructions were listed just in case the citizens were taking care of their pets themselves. Other organizations such as American Red Cross were also in attendance during the preparedness efforts opening up shelters for citizens all across the

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