The Preparedness Model : Identifying Threats And Vulnerabilities

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Include all aspects of the preparedness model, survey to identify threats and vulnerabilities, analyze all available material, plan how to prepare, prevent and/or respond, and mitigate any impact.

There is a rising issue in our country today that requires a heightened sense of awareness and in our fire and EMS services. This issues is the possibility of an active shooter, this can come from a terrorist group, radicalized extremist or a disgruntled worker in the town or department they work for. Active shooter events in a fire department/ EMS setting presents a unique set of challenges, not only does it present a very vulnerable target but it makes the one that are potentially responding to an incident the actual target. Active shooter incidents are very hard to predict as to when, where or by who might play a part in an active shooter incident. “In most cases active shooters use a firearm(s) and display no pattern or method for selection of their victims (” With that there are a few signs to look for in an individual even though there are few warning signs prior to an incident that can be foreseen. Some indicators of an individual planning on caring out a mass shooting incident are, personal grievances between coworkers, recent acquisitions of multiple weapons, resent escalation of target practice and weapons training, a recent interest in explosives, a recent fascination or interests with previous shootings or mass…
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