The Presence Of Aurora Bell The Atmosphere Of The Great Things I Like About Rory

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Just like the root word of her name, in the presence of Aurora Bell the atmosphere around her is an ethereal ambience. You’ll smile and appreciate how deeply moved she is when it comes to socio-economic problems and the heart of gold that’s within her. As the only daughter of Ruth Brown’s 1st grade teacher Courtney Bell, Aurora said she is also fortunate enough to have a little brother. She’s an angel with a missing halo some might say, and to Palo Verde High School Principal Brandy Cox, she’s one of the most understanding, mature and well-respected young ladies on campus. “One of the great things I like about Rory, is she always stay true to who she is and she doesn’t let others sway her,” Cox said. “She also interacts very well with…show more content…
Yeah, and I did last year, too. It’s just fun to create stuff, as much as possible and hopefully with more tools in college, I will advance my skills. What was your film about. Well, last year, which was my main film, this year I just submitted a random one, we did a short film about the importance of adoption. We put a twist in there and though it was very short, I think it got the point across and it was cute, so. What do you enjoy most about high school? I think what I enjoyed the most is, since we’re kind of all stucked together, we have to work together a lot, whether that’s with teachers or students, if we have differences with each other, we have to figure a way to work things out, and it’s always nice to problem solve and get through those hard times. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself and really grown. I think high school has provided me with a lot of room to become who I am supposed to be. How have you been a good role model for other students? I think, just like how I really believe in something, for the most part, I try to block out any sort of fear about what other people think and try to stay true to who I am. I think too, since it’s very small town, as far as diversity of thought, we kind of all think how our parents taught us and how we all act, I think that in many ways throughout the four years, like I’ve learned that, oh hey, I don’t really agree with these things so I think it’s important to learn

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