The Presence Of Natural Resources

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The presence of natural resources in a country is supposed to a positive addition towards realizing development goals. Both economic and social development is supposed to benefit from approximated revenues that are to be generated from mining industries. However, the views that natural resources are a major source of economic and social growth has been scrutinized over the past decade, with the rising number of countries where resources expectations have not been met having contributed to these reviews (Collier). These reviews have led to the emergence of two major views with regards to the relationship that exist between natural resources and general national development. These views are; the conventional view and the alternative view. The conventional view holds that there still exist a positive relationship between natural resources and growth while the alternative view uses the examples of countries where growth has declined or stalled after discovery of natural resources. The alternative describes what is regarded as the resources curse (Davis). This discussion paper will discuss the relationship that exists between natural resources, governance and national growth. In doing this, North Korea will be used a case study while seeking to identify the resources that are found in the country, their status and the avenues through which the resource curse can be avoided. The cases on the OT mining in Mongolia will be

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