The Presence Of Parent And Child Communication

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The presence of parent and child communication also matters. It is important for parents to discuss sex, love, and relationships directly with their children. Parents who thoroughly communicate their values and expectations to their children, express their concerns and love at an early age and do it often, and gives sufficient supervision — including their child’s selection of friends and role models — raise children who are more likely to avoid early sexual activity, pregnancy, and parenthood than those parents who do not. (Kim, (2008). This can be harder when there is only one parent. The probability of this communication becomes less and it results in such behavior. Much of the time that parent is working full-time and trying to maintain the home, in addition to everything that comes with parenting a child. Outside factors can lead to less communication especially from a single parent raising a teen alone. Several studies found that more frequent parent-child communication was associated with a decreased risk of sexual initiation, a lower frequency of sexual intercourse and fewer sexual partners, and more consistent contraceptive or condom use. However, some studies found mixed effects or no effects on this measure. (Scott, & Berger, (2014). This can vary from ethnic groups. Evidence suggests that Latino parents may be more reluctant to talk about sex and reproductive health with their children than are other parents. Additionally, when Latino families do discuss sexual
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