The Presence Of Vitamin C

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Introduction: The presence of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) in an individual’s diet is critical since humans, in fact, does not have the ability to synthesize them ourselves. Vitamin C is essential for human health. It is an antioxidant scavenger and it is also vital for tissue maintenance and repair. The lack of Vitamin C in one’s system can lead to numerous kinds of illnesses. For example, severe Vitamin C in a prolonged period can lead to scurvy. Vitamin C can be obtained from fruit, vegetables, and lab made Vitamin C tablets. The synthesis of Vitamin C supplements in the laboratory was found to be extremely efficient in 1933. They are now largely manufactured in laboratories and sold to the market. However, degradation of Vitamin C occurs over time. The rate of degradation will be accelerated when exposed to air, light, and heat. Therefore, it is essential for the manufacturers to acknowledge the rate of degradation so they could estimate how much Vitamin C should be made and when the expiry date should be. In this experiment a solution of Vitamin C is added to a solution containing of known excess of iodine. At this point, the solution will turn blue-black in colour and this excess amount of iodine can then be titrated against standardized sodium thiosulphate. (^citation here) This technique is called back-titration. The Iodine is produced by the mixture of the following reagents: KIO3,KI,and H2SO4. KIO3+ 5KI+ 3H2SO4 3I2+ 3K2SO4+ 3H2O(1) Ascorbic acid+

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