The Presence of Bacteria in Unexpected Spots

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This is primarily because bacteria are actually found anywhere since they are in water, plants and animals, air, and the soil. The presence of bacteria in unexpected spots and locations originate from their ability to thrive in the most uninviting and forbidding places on the planet. Actually, some medical professionals state that germs like bacteria that attack healthy people daily are normally found in locations they are least expected. A huge portion of these bacteria i.e. 80 percent are spread through hand contact by several individuals. Some of the locations where bacteria can be found include the following "¦
Kitchen Sinks: As compared to the bathroom sink, kitchen sink contains 500,000 more bacteria than the drain because it's dirtier (Myers, 2009). The huge presence of bacteria in kitchen sink is largely attributed to the fact that raw food passes by it and through it every day. Secondly, kitchen sink contains bacteria because the sponges, handles, and faucets used by people are covered with these germs. Some of the most common foods carrying bacteria that passes by or through the kitchen sink include salmonella and E. coli. In order to ensure that the bacteria are washed away, cleaning the kitchen sink twice every week with diluted bleach is a helpful measure. Moreover, an individual can minimize the risk of becoming sick…

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