The Presence of Corruption in Bangladesh

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Corruption is found everywhere in the world, but the less developed nations are found to be more corrupt. In Asia, Bangladesh is one of the most corrupt nations. Ever since the independence of this South Asian nation it has been fraught with instability and corruption. As new nation Bangladesh has to face various political and economic issues. Patronage networks, military coups and civil violence are the few issues that ruin the political system of this nation. Much of the political instability has lead to challenges in its economic development. Bangladesh lags behind in natural resources and capital thus affecting the development of the nation. Natural causes such as floods and cyclones are significant to why Bangladesh struggle to maintain economic growth. Bangladesh has to confront many problems in its environment and overpopulation. Industrialization leads to increase in pollution production leading to adverse effects in the environment. Bangladesh is strongly unstable and a corrupt nation because of its failing economy, political instability, and social problems. The development of Bangladesh is affected by deteriorating economy. After getting independence from West Pakistan in 1971 Bangladesh had to confront complications in their economy caused by environmental issues, industry and unemployment rate. Natural causes are one of the reasons Bangladesh is facing instability. Bangladesh is one of the world’s most weather prone nations. The environment degradation and
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