The Present and Potential of Wind Power

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Wind Power’s Present and Potential Abstract As the global supply of fossil fuels becomes steadily lower, need is growing for new energy sources that are beneficial to the environment and cost-effective. Wind power is one solution to this need. Wind turbines require significant investment, but are cost-efficient in the long term. If construction of turbines is sufficiently increased, the wind may be able to in the future provide a very major portion of global energy. Wind Power’s Present and Potential According to a study by Archer and Jacobson, the wind power potential provided by just the windiest 13% of the planet’s land area is five times the power that we currently use – 72 terawatts (Archer, Jacobson, 2004). However, while the…show more content…
A substantial amount of wind power’s appeal exists in the low amount of environmental impact it has; wind turbines do not produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain or greenhouse gasses. If only twenty percent of the nation’s electricity came from wind power, one third of emissions that come from power plants could be eliminated. This fact is potent with worry over global warming still high. Although wind is free, setting up the wind turbines is costly. The initial cost for a 10 kW system Wind Energy 6l is between forty and fifty thousand dollars, which with the turbine life-span taken into account is equivalent to around 1.2 cents per kilowatt-hour. The life-span measure of cost per unit energy puts wind power at a considerable advantage. Nuclear power’s production cost equates with 1.72 cents per kWh, natural gas comes to an average of 5.77 cents, coal 1.8, solar 2.1 and hydropower half a cent per kWh (Primavera. W.P, 2005). This data show that, besides hydroplants, wind farms provide the best energy investment available to us—and wind power has an abundance of potential that hydropower does not seem to have. There to be seems a good likelihood that wind power’s piece of the energy pie will continue to grow for a long time. Hopefully wind, in cooperation with other alternative sources, will have the capacity to make up for the future drop-off in the global supply of non-renewable sources. Wind Energy 7l

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