The Presentation Of A Health Promotion And Health Prevention Perspective

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Teaching is an essential method to impart knowledge to an individual or a group of people who are in need of knowledge. As a result, this created the perfect opportunity to provide a teaching session for a group of people from the David Raines Community Health Centre. The presentation took place on in the early afternoon on August 25, 2016, which lasted a little over thirty minutes. The topic of choice for the presentation was influenced by one of the health problems that are presently affecting the population of Louisiana. This paper will address areas relating to the teaching experience at the health centre including the response of the audience, the information related, the significance of the topic presented, strengths and weakness…show more content…
The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention states that “obesity is highest among Blacks then Hispanics” (2015). Similarly, the numbers are highest among the poor class of people, especially those who have no food security. There are Hispanics living in the community but are outnumbered by Blacks. Therefore, the information is relevant to the population and would seek to address most of the problems.
Careful utilization of a non-threatening became an ice breaker to get the audience involved and introduce the topic. A non-traditional approach to a familiar topic is necessary to capture and maintain their interest. While this is a serious problem the presenter had to be skillful and creative during the presentation to prevent signs of boredom and a lack of interest which may contribute to a lack of participation, people leaving and the information not passed on successfully. It was essential that they appreciate that this is a serious problem that is affecting people not only in the community but across the nation. Most importantly, they needed to learn how it can affect them, their loved ones and the community.
Also, the mandate for health is on the agenda for a number of medical illness. The Alma Ata has a vision for all to be healthy. Obesity affects millions all over the world and it is the same in the United
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