The Presentation Of Self And Everyday Life By Erving Goffman

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Social media allows individuals to portray themselves in a manner that can be true to who they are or in a way that allows them to give off impressions that manipulate how they want others to see them. In the book, The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, Erving Goffman writes in detail how individuals make use of different techniques to set their own stage and portray traits and interests of who they are or who they want to be. One such way of portraying ourselves to others is using impression management to control the impressions we give to others and how others see the impressions we give off. These can be found on what is considered by Goffman to be the front stage, a place that consists of our behavior when we know others are…show more content…
One such concept, impression management, is an effort to give impressions in the mind of others (2). Our impressions that we give or give off can be found on our front stage, the general, fixed part of our performance (2). Both of these concepts are examples of how Goffman relates our actions and their consequences to the social world around us. Throughout our everyday lives we try to alter the perceptions of individuals around us according to our own goals (2). We try to guide and control how others form their impressions of us, in the way that will benefit us the most. As a personal example, while I was in high school playing football there would be college scouts at our games looking for the best players on the field. While I did not know if they were there to watch me, I attempted to give off the best impression I could so that the scouts would notice and be interested me. I acted much more confident and displayed more leadership qualities than I would normally be comfortable with doing. In my mind, the college scouts would not be interested in the way I truly display myself as a football player, but instead they were interested in much more and I had to change the impression I gave off. Managing these impressions took place in public view, a place where others could see what I was doing or attempting to do (2). The impressions that we give off in a situation can be part of a setting that Goffman refers to as the “front stage” (22). This stage consists of
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