The Presentation Presented By Zoe Madams

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Were there any areas for improvement that you would have changed? Please explain with details. The portion of the presentation presented by Zoe Madams refers to some obstacles encountered during the inclusion of independent contractors. She mentions that such contractors were reluctant to “buy into the program” and among other things, they were unwilling to utilize the parent company’s adopted software, which was a requirement (Madams & Alexander, 2013). From the video it seems like the issues with contractors came after the projects were kicked off and started, which makes me think that a better job could have been done by providing clear guidance and setting specific requirements during the bidding process. Soliciting bids from only those contractors willing to adapt to the new methods and techniques specific for the projects comprised within the Olympic program could have minimize the problems encountered during execution and maybe even the need for such a high presence of managers in ground to oversee their work as a control mechanism. Later during the presentation, Gordon Alexander provides insight into one more area that could be improved in future projects. This project clearly benefited from historical records and from previous lessons learned acquired during past projects (Madams & Alexander, 2013). It is puzzling why Gordon Alexander states during his portion of the presentation that the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) was not trying to create reports that

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